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The Wild Mushoom Cookbook: Recipes from Mendocino for Cooks Everywhere

The Wild Mushoom Cookbook: Recipes from Mendocino for Cooks Everywhere

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by Alison Gardner and Merry Winslow

Are you a mushroomer? Wonder what to do with your bounty?  The book includes 299 recipes, in chapters devoted to appetizers, dips, spreads, pickles, sauces and gravies, breads, soups, salads and salad dressings, side dishes, entrees, drinks and desserts.

There are recipes for commonly eaten wild mushrooms, like chanterelles, oyster mushroom and porcini, and recipes for rather esoteric wild mushrooms, also. Find recipes for the cauliflower mushroom, sweetbread mushroom, blewits, man on horseback, candy caps, beefsteak mushroom, milk caps, shrimp russula, variegated russula, cocorra, grisette, matsutake, hawk wing, yellow feet, hedgehogs, shaggy manes, deer mushrooms, volvariellas, and many more, all found in the Mendocino area.

Here are some of the accolades:

“This delightful exploration of familiar and unusual fungi is at once accessible and esoteric. The authors reach down into the fragrant forest floor to retrieve and reveal its delicious treasures and offer them up in scrumptious dishes to enjoy at every meal and in every course, from appetizers and soups to desserts. The Wild Mushroom Cookbook not only guides you through the preparation of North Coast mushrooms; it also inspires you to get out into the wild yourself—with a knowledgeable guide, of course—to harvest some precious Matsutakes, Pig’s Ears, Turkey Tails and, my favorite, the elusive and ephemeral Shaggy Mane. Keep a copy in your kitchen and buy another for your favorite mushroom lover.” --Michele Anna Jordan, chef, writer and author of numerous cookbooks, including Vinaigrettes and Other Dressings and More Than Meatballs

“If you love the thrill of the mushroom hunt and bringing back your trophies to feast on as much as I do, this is a must-have book. Chock-full of mushroom lore, serious fungi knowledge, and inspired recipes for using mushrooms in every way, Alison and Merry welcome you into their wild and adventuresome world with open arms.” --Georgeanne Brennan, author, A Pig in Provence and owner, La Vie Rustic

“This is a very clearly written, comprehensive, and well-thought-out book on wild mushroom basics, but the recipes are beyond basic—way beyond. I read recipes and envision how they will taste, and these look fabulous! I recommend this book to everyone in the mushroom world who has any interest in cooking.” —“Mycochef” Patrick Hamilton

“The authors’ love of and respect for mushrooms shine in this well-researched compendium of mushroom information and inventive, clearly written recipes. I was especially captivated by the unique and imaginative desserts and drinks.” --Margaret Fox, Culinary Director, Harvest Market (Fort Bragg), and author of Cafe Beaujolais and Morning Food

“A truly authentic West Coast Gem!! From soufflé to sorbet and Aspics to Applesauce these amazing women bring a broad spectrum of cuisine to their readers. Wild mushrooms abound in the Mendocino coastal region and this cookbook offers an amazing blend of fearlessly diverse culinary concepts and clear mastery of mushroom!” --Kelly Hatcher, Chef, The Tip of the Knife

“The Wild Mushroom Cookbook offers several... “genius” recipes from a passionate community of resourceful, woodsy Californian mushroom hunters...The extensive collection (of recipes) is the result of years of cooking and sharing successes...The mushroom featured in the book span the west coast collection season...And unlike any other mushroom cookbook we've seen, The Wild Mushroom Cookbook has extensive chapters on drinks and desserts.” --Barbara Ching and Jennifer Knox, Mycophile newsletter, July/Aug., 2015

ISBN: 9780990440000
ISBN-10: 0990440001
Publisher: Barefoot Naturalist Press
Publication Date: January 1st, 2014
Pages: 274
Language: English

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