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Hamilton's Extracts - Crucial Cordyceps

Hamilton's Extracts - Crucial Cordyceps

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Crucial Cordyceps extract checks all the boxes:

  • Cordyceps militaris fruiting body (not mycellium)
  • Dual extraction process
  • Organic mushrooms and non-GMO
  • Powder form 
  • No Fillers
  • Ethically Created

We love this extract for two reasons:

#1 - it is it is an excellent product. The powder is super-fine and dissolves in water almost like instant coffee with no gritty residue.  We get all the benefits of dual extraction plus the benefits of the actual mushroom body in the powdered format.  Certified organic and third party lab tested for beta glucan-levels.

#2 - This is a product we trust because we know the manufacturer can vouch for his deep love of mushrooms and ethical production processes.  

Simply put, this may be the best mushroom extract money can buy!

We like to use this in our drinks or mix right into foods as well. It has a pleasant flavor compared to many medicinal mushrooms

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