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Foraging Basket/Backpack Conversion

Foraging Basket/Backpack Conversion

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These super sweet basket/backpacks convert for your needs in the field! Carry it normal basket style while hunting and switch to a backpack with cover to get your full basket home! The foam pad on the back eliminates the uneven basket surface for comfort as a backpack. The cover is well connected by heavy duty snaps but purposefully not tight to allow for a brimming basket. Brilliant.

Well ventilated. One side rounded, the other flat for comfortable carry or wear. 

These come in large and small sizes. Small would be perfect for a medium sized child or small woman. 

Small - volume: 3.5 gallons, height: 12.6", width: 8.9"
Large - volume: 7 gallons, height: 17", width: 9.4"

Hand crafted in Ukraine.

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